Family Photography: 5 Tips to capture stunning photos with your Photographer

Whether you are enjoying leisurely day in one of Melbourne Picturesque parks or strolling on Melbourne CBD iconic laneways- there is no shortage of stunning
setting for your next family photoshoot. In the bustling cultural hub of Melbourne, family photography isn’t just about capturing moments. it’s about creating timeless memories against the backdrop of one of Australia’s most vibrant cities. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your photoshoot, here are five expert tips for collaborating with your Melbourne photographer

Plan Ahead for the perfect location

Melbourne offers an array of scenic locations that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your family photos. From the iconic Federation Square to the
serene Royal Botanic Gardens or even the classical architecture of Parliament house, consider the atmosphere and aesthetic you want to capture in your
photos. Discuss your preferences in advance with your photographer, who can recommend locations based on ambiance and accessibility. Planning ahead allows you to choose a setting that resonates with your family’s personality and creates a cohesive visual story.

Your Family Outfit Matters

There is no way around it, what you wear is going to impact the overall look of your photos. Coordinating outfits can elevate the overall aesthetics of your family photos and create a cohesive look. Opt for complementary colours and styles that reflect your family style. When building a family wardrobe for the photoshoot, aim to create a cohesive look and not have each outfit compete with each other. What I usually recommend my clients is to start with an outfit and then choose complementary colours with a similar tones. For example, if you are outfit is rusty or earthy tones, then colours that will complement it will be mustard, navy and dusty green. Alternatively, you could opt for simple colours such as black or white outfits and adding a bit of layers.

Embrace Candid Moments for Authenticity

While posed portraits have their own charm, the most memorable family photos are usually those that capture candid moments filled with genuine emotion.Encourage your family to interact naturally during photoshoot, whether sharing a laugh, exchanging affectionate glances, placing your hands on your child’s shoulder or engaging in playful activities. These unique and unscripted moments create a sense of authenticity and showcases the family connection that will resonate with your audiences.

Incorporate Melbourne Iconic Landmarks

Take advantage of Melbourne iconic landmarks to infuse your family photos with character and local charm. Whether taking pictures in the Shrine of Remembrance, posing against Melbourne’s iconic classical architecture, such as the parliament house or even posing against Melbourne iconic beaches- incorporating these landmarks adds a sense of place in the photos. Discuss these vision with your photographer, who can creatively integrates these landmarks into your family photos, while ensuring that they remain central to the narrative without overshadowing your family presence.

Relax and Have Fun Throughout the Session

I will always tell my clients to enjoy the photography session and think about it as a family gathering activity. Always remember to relax, enjoy the
experience of making memories with your loved ones, feel free to express yourselves- have a small picnic together or engaging in small activities. These relaxed and joyful atmosphere will translate to vibrant and expressive photos that reflect your family’s happiness and connection. Trust your photographer expertise to guide you through the session and capture those timeless photos that you will treasure for years to come!

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