Expert Tips to Plan Your Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Tips for your pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots can be a great way to capture love and excitement before the big day. I always want my clients to feel comfortable whenever we shoot so I have put together a few tips for your next pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot.

Why have a pre-wedding photoshoot?

“I am not comfortable in front of camera”. I have heard this phrase being mentioned so many times from couples. They feel uncomfortable with their picture being taken and can never relax into the mood of what they want to be captured.

A pre-wedding photo session creates an opportunity to eliminate this concerns in a similar way that a run-through helps on your wedding day.

Pre-wedding photo sessions allows you to get acquainted with your photographer before your special day. Photos from your pre-weddings can be used to personalise save-the-dates and wedding invitation cards. You can also revisit your previous romantic date spots.

Choosing the Right Location

Your background should reflect the romance and personal touch of your story. Melbourne offers a plethora of stunning locations for photoshoots. Consider places such as Carlton Gardens, Parliament House, Melbourne’s Pristine beaches and even the iconic Melbourne laneways for a backdrop that suit your style and personality as a couple. Every couple has their own unique love story to tell and my goal is to create the perfect backdrop that reflect your romance and story.

What to wear on your photoshoot

Whether you are looking to wear a formal attire or more of a casual look, I always encourage my clients to feel confident and comfortable in what they are wearing. I want my couples to look back and enjoy the photos that they took with me. One advice is from me is that to coordinate your outfit with your partner in a way to complements one another. Consider the location and season when choosing the attire and it’s best to avoid big logos and pattern that can distract from your main focus- which is you and your partner.

Bringing props for your photos

Incorporating props can add creativity and personality to your photos. Whether it is a simple bouquet of flowers, picnic setup, vintage bicycles, this can portray your love story in a unique and interesting way.

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